Buckingham Browne & Nichols

    Buckingham Browne & Nichols was listed in the Wall Street Journal as one of the 50 best schools in the world for university preparation and ranked the #5 top private school in the Boston area by Boston Magazine. It is no surprise that the school’s motto: “Honor, Scholarship, Kindness,” creates an environment where students become active citizens in their school community, and where they feel comfortable taking the kinds of intellectual risks that are vital to learning and growth.

    The auditorium’s acoustics, however, were not of the same caliber as the prestigious institution. To attenuate the reverberation in the lofty space, the school called in Sonic-Shield’s parent company New England Soundproofing.  After testing, the recommendation was for neutral-colored REVRB® Acoustical Panels for soundproofing, customized to fit around the oversized skylights dominating the ceiling. The result was a significant reduction in reverberation and echo.


    REVRB® Acoustical Panels installed on school ceiling to reduce echo and reverberation


    REVRB® Acoustical Panel installation on school ceiling


    REVRB® Acoustical Panels reduce echo through installation on ceiling

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