Broadside Tavern

    Broadside Tavern has officially opened at 99 Broad St., where Barney Fanning’s once stood and offering plenty of beer, sports on television, and a fancy ceiling that does much more than look pretty.

    Broadside needed a sound mitigation plan carefully designed to address a problem: overpowering echoes within the contemporary Irish Pub. The walls and ceiling did little to absorb the sound waves bouncing around the small space. To solve this problem, Sonic-Shield’s parent company New England Soundproofing, devised a solution. By installing REVRB® Acoustical Panels above the bar, and creating that "fancy ceiling" of twelve separate  REVRB® Acoustical Panels, seven feet by four feet each, running the length of the pub and screen printed to form an impressive Old World-style map of Ireland, not only was the décor of the tavern enhanced, but the echoing sound waves were dissipated. As a not insignificant byproduct, noise traveling through the ceiling to the homeowners above the tavern was substantially lessened.

    The results? Happier restaurant patrons, happier, healthier employees, and happier neighbors. Clearly, a "win-win" and looking good while doing it.

    REVRB acoustical panels covering the ceiling of an Irish Tavern

    REVRB®  acoustical panels covering the ceiling of an Irish Tavern

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