Automotive Manufacturing Plant

    An automotive manufacturing plant had three areas of its facility where sound levels were a concern, specifically the car washing and car air blowing/drying areas. The manufacturer’s sound standards were set at 80 dBA and were reading closer to 85 – 90 dBA. There was also sound entering the shop floor through roll-up doors and mitigations needed to be implemented to reduce sound levels during washing and drying cycles, as well as containing the breakout sound from exiting the designated areas.

    A site visit was performed, and several sound readings were taken at the blowers, at the nearest work station, and at intermittent points around the facility. Additional readings were taken of ambient noise levels as well.

    The readings taken during the visit, along with our observations, were reviewed with plant management and were instrumental in developing a list of mitigation options. We kept in mind the fact that acceptable noise levels per OSHA are based on an 85-dBA per 8-hour exposure level.

    We suggested that the plant:

    • Place reflective aluminum materials under the car wash blower motors, with nozzles exposed, to reflect motor noise away from the open door into the plant.
    • Add Industrial Soundproofing materials in front of Open Door
    • Add Industrial Acoustic materials in the Car Wash bay
    • Lower the car wash exit door

    Customers statement:

    "The soundproofing installation is working great! I believe it dropped the results by 8 to 9 dB."


    Automotive Plant Carwash Station before treatment.


    Carwash station after the addition of an acoustic mitigation system.


    Carwash tunnel blower area before treatment.


    Carwash tunnel blower area after being treated with acoustic baffles and banners.                                                                                                     .

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