Anna Maria Island Beach Resort

    We were contacted by the Anna Maria Island Beach Resort located on Anna Maria Island on the Gulf Coast of Florida with several noise problems. The initial reason for the contact as described to us, was that adjoining rooms, connected by a center door, were experiencing noise “bleeding” into one room from another through the center door. Guests could hear entire conversations from the next room and could clearly hear television programs as well.

    We made a trip to the resort to experience the problem for ourselves and were able to quickly determine that the problem could be solved in one of two ways; replace all connecting doors with solid core doors OR install our “door kits,” comprised of a combination of sound barrier material and cut to order “Door Sweeps.”

    Since soundproof solid core doors could cost up to $3,000 each, Resort Management decided to install full door soundproofing kits - a sound reducing perimeter seal and door sweep, to take the money they saved by NOT installing new doors and use those funds to solve a different noise problem. The Resort decided to initially purchase 2 kits to make sure they delivered the desired noise reduction. Very soon after receiving and installing the first 2 door kits, the Resort opted to order another 22 kits to finish the job throughout the resort.

    With a savings of over $25,000 created by not ordering the doors, the Resort asked us to tackle a different problem. Within the room inventory of suites, kings, and queens, 22 rooms were targeted for acoustic treatment. Each of the targeted rooms had echoes and reverberations that were contributing to a “hard and cold” noise profile due to tile floors and hard surfaces in the rooms.

    To solve the reverberation and echo problem we presented our line of custom made REVRB® Acoustical Panels designed specifically with absorbent material contained within a durable wooden frame. The Resort had a specific décor package that they wanted guests to enjoy. We were able to work with one of the Resort’s designers to select specific fabrics and graphics to apply to the panels thus delivering the exact in room appearance that the Resort wanted.





    Once again, we started with a few rooms to show the resort that the desired results really would occur. Once they were satisfied with the panel performance, the Resort ordered panels for all their “king rooms” followed by all of their “queen rooms.”

    Anna Maria 4By working closely with Resort Management and their designers, we were able to methodically work our way through the Resort, treating each individual room with one or both solutions recapped above. We were able to stay within budget and the Resort was able to install the products in such a manner that we did not impact the Resort by taking rooms “out of service.”

    The Resort Management Team was happy with the results, their design Team was happy that the acoustical panels reinforced the décor package and most important of all, guests were happy now that they were able to enjoy time in their rooms without the intrusion of unwanted noise from neighbors.

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