Reduce Noise With Sonic-Shield Acoustical Panels

Sonic-Shield’s sound dampening acoustical panels consist of a sheet of Sonic Shield Noise Barrier and Sonic Fiber Noise Absorber to effectively block and absorb unwanted noise.

The resulting panel has a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 26 and a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.0, meaning that they are capable of attenuating 26 dB of noise from one side of the panel to the other and that they are also capable of completely absorbing noise.  This results in a panel with outstanding sound reduction abilities.

Sonic-Curtain installation in manufacturing facility
Sonic-Shield soft sided panels


Our panels are generally used in industrial or commercial settings, where generators, pumps, motors, chillers, transformers, and other large pieces of machinery are the source of the noise. Generally speaking it is more practical to enclose the noise source with acoustical panels than it is to soundproof the area where the affected parties are working or playing. Enclosing the source of the noise with the hard aluminum panels is our most common solution for outdoor noise problems.

Outdoor Use

Our panels “travel well” and hold up under the most difficult weather conditions from extreme heat to extreme cold. Rain, humidity and a hot, warm climate have proven to be no obstacle for our panels over the years as they have stood the test of time on job site after job site.

Indoor Use

For indoor noise problems that occur in gymnasiums, bars, restaurants, and auditoriums, our soft panels are more commonly used as soundproofing solutions. They are able to reduce echoing, reverberation and other airborne noise to manageable levels.

REVRB Panels in GYM 1


Custom Forms & Structures

Our panels can be fabricated in various forms, painted or powder coated, or they can be provided as “soft” panels, which can be hung from walls or outdoor fences. 

Panels can also be assembled into structures, enclosures or silencers. Our ability to manufacture panels into custom shapes and configurations allow us to create a wide variety of sound reduction systems for number industrial, commercial and residential applications. Utilizing our proprietary REVRB® acoustical panel solutions, we will customize the solution to your needs.



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