Acoustical Camera Testing Services

Acoustical Camera Testing Services are used to identify complex noise pollution problems where different noise sources are impacting the client’s environment.

The typical means of performing an acoustical survey test involves the use of a sound level meter (SLM), where several measurements are taken in close proximity to the equipment within a space or facility, then analyzing the data to create a “sound map” that shows the acoustical intensity as a function of location.  Through the examination of this sound map, it is possible to infer the source(s), magnitude, direction and frequency content of the noise.

Testing Numerous Sources

When there are numerous loud noise sources, the use of an SLM to create the sound map becomes time-consuming and cumbersome. Sound level meters are single-channel devices which pick up sound from all sources in all directions. The complexity and potential interactions among several noise sources therefore poses certain challenges in noise identification and abatement.  This is especially true if the acoustic field is highly reverberant, or if it is not possible to measure noise levels in close proximity of the source(s).

In situations where there are multiple loud sources of noise, Sonic-Shield engineers use an acoustical camera (or frequency analyzers) together with a sound level meter to provide acoustical camera testing services. The acoustical camera contains multiple microphones that comprise an acoustical beamforming array. Beamforming enables the creation of a full “sound map” of numerous noise sources in the form of color-coded contours that can be overlaid onto a real-time video image of the object being tested. This enables us to “see” sound in the same manner that a thermal camera enables one to “see” heat.  An example of the acoustical contours taken from a power plant is shown in Figure 1. Here, using our acoustical camera testing services from the sixth floor of a boiler structure, we were able to detect the sources, magnitude and frequency content of noise originating from a set of root blowers, compressors and steam leaks.

Power Generation Facility
Acoustical Camera Testing Services at a Power Generation Facility


This example illustrates that by simply scanning numerous pieces of equipment with an acoustic camera, we are able to quickly and conclusively identify the loudest pieces of equipment and determine how noise from this equipment propagates. This allows us to perform an acoustical survey test in a matter of minutes, as opposed to using a standard SLM, which may require several hours or days to measure and analyze the data.  Once the loudest equipment is identified using the acoustic camera, we make detailed noise measurements with the SLM, leading to the rapid development of an optimum and multi-faceted soundproofing solution.

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Our Acoustical Camera Testing Services allows Sonic-Shield to develop solutions for noise and vibration control problems in industrial, commercial and residential applications. We offer a full range of products and capabilities to develop cost-effective solutions for the most demanding problems.